The Essential Teaching of Sant Mat


The Essential Teaching of Sant Mat
Swami Vyasanand Ji Maharaj
"In spite of the variants in their origins, the goal of the Sants [Saints, Masters] is one: realization of the Divine and the attainment of the state of absolute joy and peace. Having considered the perennial wisdom found in their teachings, we can say with certainty that the underlying teachings of Sants are essentially in agreement.
"The question arises: What is this essential teaching? The answer is: The Divine Reality is one and the path to realize that Reality is within each of us. The path is not found in the nine gates (i.e. through the sensory organs) of the body but only through the tenth gate (the third eye or the spiritual eye). The body cannot tread this path—only the inner consciousness along with the mind, intellect, and ego principle can travel this path. However, during the last and final stages of the inner spiritual path, the conscious soul alone journeys and reaches the Divine. This path is very subtle. Sant Mehi described it as being, 'more subtle than even the point of the needle.' Sants unanimously agree that the path to the Divine can be taken up by any human being belonging to any caste, social status, gender, ethnicity or country."
-- Swami Vyasanand Ji Maharaj
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