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Hi Ashok:
Simran is mostly a manas jap practice -- something done mentally. This has to be, as the goal of Sant Mat's meditation practice is to take one within and to transition from body to mind, and from mind to spirit.
Masters do say sometimes one can repeat the names out loud for a brief period at the beginning of one's meditation practice, perhaps for two to four minutes. One could do that if it helps establish concentration, helps begin as long as no one else can overhear you repeating the Names, as they are to be kept private. So any verbal use of the mantra Names is done at home or in some situation of solitude. 
There is a great chapter on Simran practice in this book, The Way of the Saints. 
Or it might be easier to read by downloading it as a PDF file: 

On Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 09:44 PM, Ashok Uppal wrote:
When you do simran what I heard should done mentally but if i find difficult to do mentally can I whisper or less louder is it ok

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